About...me and the things I do.

...Infos about me and my works...

Wolf A. Piontek

1964 born in Osnabrueck, Germany.
Studied law, art history and literature.
Livelong engagement with photography, darkroom technique, alternative process,
platinium printing, ...

1984 independent designer and freelance photographer.
Photos for newspapers and journals.
1986 starts exhibiting first works of travel and dokumentary Photography.
1988 moving to Brussels; photo studio and a fetish fashion & jewelry atelier.
Branch offices in Paris and Kinsasa .
1990 commission works and documentations for AIDS groups, Ministry of Health.
the british community help service (csv media),
1992 - 1995 project manager for AIDS activist groups in red light districts,
swingerclubs, fetish and s/m organisations .... first conceptional Photoworks and expositions
Since 1997 living and working between Cologne, Brussels and Antwerp as jewelry designer
and media artist.

About my Works

A very mindtroubeling and disturbing group of photographs confronting the beholder with innerst fears and desires.
Steering up and twisting common points of view towards violence <> tenderness ...

"just hangin´around" is a series of photographs trying to make the thrill of being out of control graspable.
Changing the perception of a seemingly forced "no way out" towards a voluntary cry for help "please don´t let me out".

endorphine 4.5 is a series of photographs documenting the fight for lust and the search for the the ultimate kick by producing endorphine being suffocated in a plastic bag. 4 minutes and 30 seconds merged into 9 photos taken every 30 seconds...by the way: she is still alive and out for more ...